The One Minute Geographer: This Fragile Earth, Summary

Jim Fonseca
6 min readFeb 24
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If you are new to the One Minuter Geographer, or if you missed some, here are links to the 15 posts of This Fragile Earth

1. Have you ever driven 500 miles in a day? (Was that fun?) If you could drive the circumference of the earth at the Equator — ignoring oceans and impassable mountains, not to mention the lack of roads — just think: you’d be on the road for 50 days!

Diagram from showing how the earth is fatter at the Equator and flatter at the poles.

2. The Moon and it’s influence on Earth

The moon is smaller than we think. It’s only about 2,160 miles in diameter. That’s about the width of Australia.

Sizes of the tidal bulges are greatly exaggerated. Image from Wikipedia.

3. You’ve heard of the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. You’ve heard of the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. How about the land and water hemispheres?

Part of Africa is in all four hemispheres. The vertical line is 0-degee longitude; the horizontal line is the Equator, 0-degree latitude. Map from

4. Northernmost? Westernmost? Easternmost? Southernmost? Read this post before your next trivia contest.

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