The One Minute Geographer: Portugal — A Few Key Facts

Jim Fonseca
2 min readDec 5, 2021
Map from CIA World Factbook on

The map above shows Portugal in its correct size and latitude overlaid on the Mid-Atlantic region. If you flew due east from Washington DC, you’d arrive near Lisbon.

Portugal’s area of 35,600 square miles is about the size of Maine or Indiana.

Portugal’s population of 10.2 million people is close to that of Michigan or North Carolina. About a half-million of Portugal’s people live on the Atlantic islands, about evenly divided between Madeira and the Azores (about 250,000 people on each island group).

Lisbon photo by Luis Ascenso on

Lisbon, the capital and largest metropolitan area, has almost 3 million people, about the size of metro Baltimore, Denver or Tampa.

Porto ( or Oporto), the second-largest metro area with 1.7 million people is about the size of metro Providence or Jacksonville.

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