The One Minute Geographer: An Appalachian Trail Quiz

Jim Fonseca
5 min readNov 10, 2022
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The One Minute Geographer is trying something new: a quiz! Relax, it’s multiple choice! And it only counts for 10% of your final grade. LOL

I thought this was a good way to introduce another in our series of posts on LINES in American geography: the Appalachian Trail. Answers are at the very bottom of this post.

Here we go:

1/ About how many miles long is the official Appalachian Trail?

a. 3,300

b. 2,200

c. 1,280

d. 840

2/ At 6,643 feet what is the highest point on the entire trail?

a. Clingmans Dome NC/TN

b. Mt. Katahdin ME

c. Springer Mountain GA

d. Killington Peak VT

3/ Maine is the northernmost state on the Appalachian Trail. What state is southernmost?

a. Alabama

b. Georgia

c. Mississippi

d. North Carolina

4/ Parts of the trail are in 14 states. Which state below does not have part of the trail?

a. Connecticut

b. Massachusetts

c. New Jersey

d. South Carolina

5/ This state has the longest section of the Appalachian Trail, about one-fourth of its total length

a. Georgia

b. Maine

c. North Carolina

d. Tennessee

e. Virginia

6/ Depending on the season, if you’re hiking the trail, you might run into:

a. Mud season in Vermont,

b. Treacherous ice and slush in New Hampshire

c. Overcrowded conditions in Georgia

d. All of the above

7/ Mt. Katahdin on the trail in Maine closes for winter when?

a. Mid-October

b. Mid-November

c. Late November

d. Christmas



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