The One Minute Geographer: All About Connecticut

Jim Fonseca
4 min readApr 17
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A series of 9 posts on Connecticut. Links below.

You can learn a lot about a state from its nickname(s). Connecticut’s official nickname is “The Constitution State” because its colonial constitution, “The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut,” adopted in 1639, became a model for the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution State is also called the ‘Nutmeg State’ because so many Yankee peddlers sold nutmegs. The “Provisions State” refers to Connecticut’s role in supplying food, clothing and arms to the US Continental Army. And how about “The Land of Steady Habits?” We assume the PR firm that came up with that last one was terminated. We’ll see in later posts that we could also call Connecticut “The Insurance State,” or “The Hedge Fund State” or the “Defense Spending State.” Here’s the first post:

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Most of Connecticut’s people live in a relatively narrow band making a diagonal across the state from New York through Hartford and north to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Sikorsky Helicopters makes about five a week at its Stratford plant. Photo from

Insurance, hedge funds and the defense industry are three of the biggest contributors to Connecticut’s economy.

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