Texas Votes for President

Jim Fonseca
3 min readFeb 28, 2023
Image from Texas Governor’s Office on chron.com

This series of posts looks at Texas presidential voting and its impact on presidential elections. Texas is considered a reliably red (Republican) state. But what if Texas left the Union? How would that have affected the outcome of recent Presidential elections?

2) Now we think of Texas as a reliably red state — but it used to be blue.

3) What would have happened in recent presidential elections if Texas had voted for the Democratic candidate instead of the Republican candidate?

4) Several counties in the Texas Panhandle gave Trump his highest percentage of support in the nation.

5) Not just the Texas Panhandle, but much of the Great Plains gave strong support to Trump as I showed in my Magical Meridian series (about the 100 degree longitude line that runs through the Great Plains)

6) Counties with a high percentage of older Americans gave Trump a lot of support, not only in Texas, but all along the Great Plains



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