Jim is a top writer on Medium in Tranportation (August 2022) and, at times, has been listed as a top writer in Travel.

Jim Fonseca writes The One Minute Geographer with a featured series of 15 posts about This Fragile Earth that starts here: The One Minute Geographer: This Fragile Earth (1) Size of the Earth

A recent series in Transportion features the Erie Canal starting here The One Minute Geographer: The Amazing Importance of the Erie Canal Another series of 16 posts is The Magical Meridian about the Great Plains that starts with this post: The One Minute Geographer: The Great Plains - The 100-Degree West Longitude Line

Other series in The One Minute Geographer feature US states such as this recent series about Massachusetts The One Minute Geographer: Massachusetts (8): The Most Innovative Square Mile on the Planet A series of 11 longer blogs features the Portuguese American Community of southern New England. That series starts here: Signs, Symbols and Stones: Uncovering the Mysteries of an Urban Ethnic Landscape #1 Jim also has a series called Great Translations that features reviews of translated books that give us a glimpse into other countries and cultures. Here's a recent one: Great Translations: Three Underappreciated French Women Authors About me: James W. Fonseca (fonseca@ohio.edu) is Dean Emeritus and a former Professor of Geography at Ohio University. He was the Dean at Ohio University – Zanesville from 1998 to 2011 and then Executive Dean of Regional Higher Education until 2013.

Prior to coming to Ohio Jim Fonseca spent more than 20 years as an administrator and Professor of Geography at George Mason University where he held a number of administrative positions including Associate and Acting Dean of the Graduate School and Founding Director of the University’s Prince William Campus in Manassas, Virginia.

Jim graduated from Bridgewater State University and then earned his Ph.D. in Geography from Clark University, both in Massachusetts.

His publications (co-authored with Alice Andrews) include The Atlas of American Higher Education, 1993 and The Atlas of American Society, 1995 published by New York University Press, and World Regional Map Skills: Student Supplement to de Blij's Geography: Regions and Concepts published by John Wiley, 1981. He also published The Urban Rank-Size Hierarchy: A Mathematical Interpretation, Monograph #8 published by the Institute of Mathematical Geography, Ann Arbor, 1989. His book Making History; Creating a Landscape: The Portuguese American Community of Southeastern New England was published on Amazon’s CreateSpace in 2018.

Some highlights from the book are included in the series on Medium: Signs, Symbols and Stones: Uncovering the Mysteries of an Urban Ethnic Landscape. Here's the first post: https://jimwfonseca.medium.com/signs-symbols-and-stones-uncovering-the-mysteries-of-an-urban-ethnic-landscape-1-9b71d0a88df2

Jim is a popular book reviewer on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6743601-jim-fonseca

Jim also published a popular mathematical article on Research Gate and a summary on Medium proposing a new type of Golden Triangle: A New Golden Triangle And here it is!

Jim lives in Florida with his wife Elaine. They have a son, Jim, who lives with his family in Chicago.

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Geography professor (retired) writes The One Minute Geographer featuring This Fragile Earth. Top writer in Transportation and, in past months, Travel.