Photo of Mount Killington, Vermont from on

Vermont’s population density. Map (using 2010 data) from Wikipedia Commons. City/town names added by the author.

Satellite image of northeastern forests (technically, ‘aboveground woody biomass’). This is a cropped enlargement from the full map of the US by Robert Simmon on

Map by the author from his book, below. The relative sizes of the islands of the Azores and the distances among them are approximately correct, but latitude is not. The Azores lie east of Washington DC.

A sampling of the populations of locations on a map of Maine. Map from Population figures added by the author. Populations of 5,000 or more are official 2020 Census figures. Populations of less than 5,000 are Census Bureau’s 2019 estimates.

Map of Maine from

Jim Fonseca

Geography professor (retired) writes about New England, the Fifty States, politics, urban geography, cultural geography, Portuguese Americans, novels

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